General questions
Simply go to the mailing list home page and follow the instructions to sign up!

A word of warning: Due to limitations in the mailing list software, passwords here are not stored securely. Do not reuse a password you care about on this site! Please create a new password for this site and make a note of it.

If you find this too technologically challenging, do not worry—please email me and I will sign you up. It is very simple to get started!
If you wish to send and receive emails, registration is required. While it is posible to send emails to the list in an anonymous fashion, using an email address which does not readily identify you, that is discouraged. We do encourage open discussion, with real people standing beind their comments.
On the original version of MennoLink, you did have the option of "cloaking" your real email address. Here, your email address will be visible through the archives, to list members, if you send any emails to the discussion list.
MennoLink is a self-service list—you are responsible for managing your own account. Please go to your Account Management Page to take care of all maintenance, including switching from single to digest emails (and vice versa), temporarily disabling your subscription, and unsubscribing.
All available options are at your Account Management Page. You can manage all your settings here!
Actually, just about anything! The majority of posts will be Mennonite-related, but if you can somehow make some tenuous link to Menno-dom with your post, go for it.

If your posts contain excessive offensive material, or are attacks on other people, they may be rejected. If they are, you will receive an explanation for the rejection, and may repost if the necessary corrections are made.
Yes, there are a few:
  • Email must be less than 1MB in size
  • Be respectful of others
There could be a couple reasons why you haven't seen it. The most likely reason is that all emails to the list are moderated, and must be approved. This can be as short as a few minutes, to possibly several hours. The moderators will get to your message ASAP!

Another possibility is that you have the Receive your own posts to the list? option turned off. If that is the case, you can go to your Account Management Page and turn that feature back on.
There used to be a requirement to include one of these text strings in your Subject: line. That requirement no longer exists. All subscribers will get all messages sent to the MennoLink email list.